Holidays and retreats to some of the most awe inspiring, spiritual places on the planet.
Below are some of the Weekend Retreats and Holistic Wellbeing Breaks we have lined up for 2019. They are designed to address issues
such as Abundance, Stress, Relationships, Worklife/balance, Communication, Self Esteem and Taking Responsibility.
Reiki Jin Kei Do

Reiki Mastership courses are being held. Call for Autumn dates.

Buddho Ennersense courses levels 1 and 2 are being held.
Call for Autumn dates

All of Sandra's Reiki courses, ie levels 1 and 2 and Reiki Master and Buddho Ennersense courses are being held in Devon between July 20 and 27th on a retreat style basis. For later dates please enquire.

Jin Kei Do means 'compassion and wisdom on your path in life' and is the all powerful and an original eastern core teaching of the Usui, Takeuchi and Takamori lineages.
(This course does NOT require prior completion of a Usui Reiki course.)

Level I - £125 - Devon.
Level II - £195 - Devon.
Combined and when taken as a retreat - £295.

Devon: 2019 - phone for details
FREE - Friday evenings 'taster sessions':

Please enquire for full details and availability of places.

For further dates please call the number below.

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Buddho Enersense

This teaching reveals how Reiki has its roots in a more all-encompassing Tibetan healing system which includes the use of mantras (sound healing meditations) and yantras (symbol visualisation meditations). It is clear to those who have studied these ancient methods that Reiki is a simplification of this comprehensive healing system.
Along with special meditations from Dr Usui that activate the chakras and nadis, this advanced work can raise us to states of higner consciousness and could be considered as the gentle path to enlightenment and self-realisation.

IMPORTANT: Jin Kei Do Levels I & II are a pre-requisite for this training)

Level I: £195
Level II: £295

These courses are held in Devon on a retreat basis.throughout the spring and summer months.

Reiki Mastership Level courses: phone for details

Please visit for latest updates.

Dr Usui introduced the simplified method as REIKI
If you would like to come on this fantastic 'once in a lifetime' spiritual journey, email Sandra on to request a full itinerary.
For further details please email: