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Holidays and retreats to some of the most awe inspiring, spiritual places on the planet.
Dear Sandra,
We both had a really wonderful time.
It was an amazing experience.
Some of the pastes and powders were a bit yucky but the treatments were great, individual staff (from doctors to housekeeping) were wonderful and the hotel and surrounding areas tremendous.
So, thanks for organising, would highly recommend it,
Best wishes, Mike

Dear Sandra,
Thank you for the gift of being able to share the joy of Peru with you. Every minute was special and I shall always remember the magic of the attunement at the full moon ceremony at Machu Picchu. No brochure description could ever do justice to the unique blend of spirituality, fun, sight-seeing and the magic of the adventure. Now here I am back at no. 2 – it’s wonderful being back with the family again. I still carry all the blessings of those two weeks around me. I will look forward to ‘the next time’ and send you love for now. Joan

Dear Sandra,
Now that I’ve had time to catch my breath being back down at sea level again this note is being written with heartfelt thanks for a truly wonderful experience in the magical and beautiful land of Peru. The two weeks in South America were so memorable. John and I enjoyed every moment. It was so well organised and yet seemed so natural – things just seemed to happen at the right time. The universe just attended to our needs as and when necessary. From the first moments at Heathrow airport early on that Thursday morning I knew we were going to enjoy the whole trip. I might not possess the gift of seeing people’s auras but I have good intuition about sensing when things are just right! You are a lovely person Sandra, and so understated considering your many gifts and talents. David

Dear Sandra,

Excellent – enough time in both meditation and activity. Excellent opportunity to reconnect with certain energies. A joyous experience with plenty of ‘added extras’. I’ve awakened to a greater part of myself – everything truly is within. Emma C.

Dear Sandra,
I just want to express a more detailed appreciation of this spiritual journey with you - it will always be treasured. Thank you for the hard work I realise was involved behind the scenes and I hope to come with you again. Anne R.

Dear Sandra,

I’m thinking of you at this time and want to say what a wonderful experience it was for me to join you and the group to Sedona – it has made a huge difference for me, thank you. Also, how lovely to meet and share with the other Sandra (the Shaman). You gave us just the right amount of information that I needed for the journey.
Love, Caroline

Dear Sandra,
Everything was perfect! Thank you so much for the powerful attunement at Siwa. Heather G

Dear Sandra,
This trip was very enjoyable and I would highly recommend it. Everything was arranged to make it ‘special’. The accommodation was superb and very comfortable. Time was given at sacred sites to meditate either as a group or alone. Egypt is wonderfully atmospheric and I found it was a good chance to tune in to our ancestors. A memorable holiday indeed. Thank you Sandra for your impeccable arrangements. Beverley S

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